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Mr. Joshua Ducharme

5th Grade

Hello Rockets and Parents! My name is Mr. Joshua DuCharme and I have been working in the education system for the last 15 years.  I hold a Masters in Education from National University, a CA Cleared Credential (CLAD) from National University, and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from National University. Currently, I am in the last stages of obtaining my Doctorate in Education.


In these last 15 years I have taught second grade, third grade, fifth grade, special education, online collegiate classes, created numerous professional development courses for teachers and administrators, and published papers on topics such as Effective Behavior Management for elementary teachers, Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom, and gamifying your classroom. The last 3 years I served as Hawking's Associate Principal. 

I am most excited about bringing FUN to the classroom, no matter the setting we are in. I love to connect with students on a personal level. Likewise, I am deeply invested in the Hawking community. I look forward to our year of learning together.

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Ms. Jessica Johnson

5th Grade

My name is Jessica Johnson and I am a 5th grade teacher with the Hawking team.  I am ecstatic to be part of this community and more importantly to be teaching 5th grade again here at Hawking!  I was born and raised here in San Diego and have had the opportunity to live in many different places before I decided to come home and settle back in my hometown.  I was raised by an educator and have had a passion for education my entire life. I am so excited to share this with the Hawking community.


I earned my bachelor's degree in performance art with a minor in psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  I began teaching during my undergraduate focusing on teaching arts to the community in a variety of different settings. From there I moved back home to San Diego and began working with refugees teaching English.  I was given the opportunity to move abroad and teach English to young learners  in Beijing, China for more than 2 years and the experience was amazing! Since I have returned to San Diego, I have gained my Masters in education focusing on teaching and learning in a global society along with my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential through National University.  I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to work within the Hawking community.


One thing I work to do as an educator is to connect what we are learning to the real world, help students give a voice to things they feel they want to speak up about and work to make positive change in society.  Rockets are so wonderful at this mindset and I love continuing to help our learners grow this idea within themselves and use it to meet their goals.  As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon  which you can use to change the world”. Let’s change the world for the better together, Rockets!  


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Mr. Emil Ostrovski

5th Grade

My name is Emil Ostrovski, and I am very pleased to be teaching 5th grade at Hawking. I was born in Moscow, Russia, and immigrated with my parents to America shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. I grew up in upstate New York, where I attended Vassar College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. I then moved to New York City to attend Columbia University's Master of Fine Arts in Writing program.

After graduation, I adjunct-taught at a community college in upstate New York, tutored students for the SAT, and volunteered at a school in Nepal. I loved working with students, and realized I wanted to make a difference to students in the early years of their education. This realization led me to become an elementary teacher.

I received my Multiple Subject Clear Credential through High Tech High here in San Diego, a unique program that places a particular emphasis on project-based learning as a means of teaching 21st century skills and achieving educational equity. I have spent the last five years putting what I’ve learned into practice. Projects my students have undertaken in the past have. included writing to congresspeople about immigration policy and publishing a classroom anthology of short stories.

I am incredibly excited to join the Hawking team, and eager to partner with parents to build a warm, inclusive classroom culture where students will develop lifelong skills of collaboration, critical analysis, problem-solving, and interdisciplinary thinking.