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7th Grade Team


Ms. Cristina Jimenez-Shawcroft

Middle School Math

My name is Cristina Jimenez-Shawcroft (Ms. Jimenez), and I am the 7 th grade math teacher here at Hawking STEAM Charter School 2. This will be my tenth year teaching math, and I’m excited to be joining this innovative school community! I was born and raised in Chula Vista, earned my Bachelor’s degree from Pomona College, and
studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. I received my Mathematics Single Subject Teaching Credential and Master of Education degree from the University of California, San Diego.


I was a Math for America fellow and have attended numerous workshops for building a rigorous and inclusive classroom. I have taught accelerated, general, and support math classes and firmly believe that all students can successfully learn math. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, exercising, and spending time with my family and friends. I have a passion for learning, and I see education as a way to enhance life. I hope to share this enthusiasm with students and help them to see the relevance of what they do in school.

Hawking’s project-based and interdisciplinary approach makes this relevance all the more visible and exciting. I look forward to working with the Hawking community!

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Mr. Thomas Mich

Middle School Social Studies

My name is Thomas Mich. I am excited to be a part of our Middle School team at Hawking 2 as a STEAM teacher in History/Social Studies. I am originally from around Detroit, Michigan and have a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from The University of Michigan-Dearborn (Go Blue!).  I have been teaching secondary students in high school and middle school for 5.5 years throughout Arizona and Southern California before settling in San Diego.  


I firmly believe that all students can succeed and be the future leaders that we need in our society.  I always strive to push my students to become better than they can ever imagine. As a result, they are not only successful, but have a tremendous amount of confidence going forward with their lives.  I am excited to bring my passion for student success into a STEAM environment to help make Hawking 2 students the leaders and best in their future endeavors. 

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Mr. Christian Martin

Middle School ELA/Science

Hi, my name is Christian Martin and this will be my seventh year at Hawking 2 STEAM Charter School. I grew up in San Diego and went to school nearby. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Magna Cum Laude, from San Diego State University and also received my Masters of Education in K-12 Literacy,  a multiple subject teaching credential with authorization in Government, and CA Cleared Credential (CLAD) from the same institution. In 2019, I was recognized by the San Diego City Council for my efforts as a teacher.

 I have worked with children in various settings and across a range of demographics. I went into education because of the impact certain teachers had on me as a child. This impact is summed up by the words of an often-quoted lecturing educator, "You will always remember how a teacher made you feel." To this end, I aim to treat my students with respect, understanding, and compassion, and to endow them with the confidence to believe in themselves. 

When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling, surfing, sailing (occasionally instructing), the outdoors, and learning about other cultures and languages (Associates Degrees in French and German with experience living in both countries).

I hope my students remember me as the zany teacher that made them feel welcomed and valued, that believed in them incessantly, that respected them, and that motivated them to be life-long learners.

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Ms. Jessica Johnson

Middle School Math/Social Studies

Hello Rockets! I am so excited for this upcoming school year and to dive into 7th-grade math, social studies, and art with you all!  This will be my fourth year working with and being part of this fantastic community.  Although I have lived in many places in the world, I find San Diego, my hometown, the only place in the world that feels like home.  I love spending time with my family and friends, taking my pup on adventures, traveling, and anything to do with art.  


Being raised by an educator, I began teaching art to the community while I worked to obtain my undergraduate degree.  I earned my bachelor of fine arts degree from Naropa University where I studied performance art and psychology.  From there I began teaching English to refugees then moved to China to teach English to young learners in Beijing and Guangzhou.  While abroad I began working on my Master’s degree in education and my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.  I am so grateful that my path led me to Hawking, I just love teaching in this community.  It feels like a big huge wonderful family!  


I am thrilled to be moving to 7th grade and being able to focus on Math, Social Studies, and Art this year.  Not only do I find each of these subjects fascinating, I know we can use the knowledge we gain together this year to help make our world a better place, Rockets!  As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Let’s change the world for the better together, Rockets!

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Ms. Gabriela Monarrez

Middle School ELA/Science

My name Gabriela Monarrez. It is my pleasure to be teaching English Language Arts and Science here in Hawking 2 for 7th and 8th graders. I finished a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and graduated from my Bilingual Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program in San Diego State University in the middle of the pandemic. I came to this country with the dream of a better education in 11th grade in High School. I started out as an English Learner and with the right support system from my teachers and family members I managed to culminate a career in university with excellent grades. I always tell my students that I was an average student with a clear goal and that made the difference. 


My last year in University as well as my student-teaching was done all online, during this year I taught 6th grade and gained a lot of experience, as well as respect and admiration to the older students. Before that I was a volunteer collaborating in Elementary School in a variety of classrooms for over five years as a co-teacher. I also worked as a tutor in Southwest High School in multiple classrooms. All of this work was performed in this my beloved community. Education is the key for a better future and it is my compromise to offer all that is in my hands to my students. I firmly believe in hands-on learning and the implementation of lessons that enhance multiple intelligences.

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Ms. Ashleigh Franques

Middle School ELA/Science

Hello! My name is Ashleigh Franqes and I have the pleasure of being a part of the Middle School team at Hawking STEAM Charter School 2 as the 7th Grade ELA, Science, and AVID teacher. I have my bachelor’s degree from McNeese State University and have been teaching for 6 years. I recently moved to California from Louisiana and love living here! I am looking forward to working with you as we take on this journey together! I hope that we can all work together to make this year at Hawking fun and memorable.


I am so excited to be at Hawking 2 because of its focus on S.T.E.A.M. My love for teaching came from interactive, hands-on experience during my early years of education with teachers who LOVED what they did. While things have changed since then, I love allowing students the opportunity to engage in real-life, engaging, and creative activities that help them form and solve their own questions about the world around them! I look forward to a wonderful year working side by side with your students!

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Ms. Bonnie Delgado

Middle School Spanish

I grew up  in my mom’s hometown, El Paso, Texas, speaking Spanish at home and immersed in both cultures by summers with family in Mexico. At age 27, I took a teaching job in Tijuana and stayed there for 10 years before moving to San Diego. I have two kids who are now in college and I have been married for 24 years.


I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in Spanish and continued studying French at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Recently, I completed a Master’s Degree in Secondary School Education at Grand Canyon University and have been part of the Hawking STEAM Charter School family since 2018.

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