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What is ELAC?

The ELAC shall be responsible for advising the principal and staff on programs and services for English learners.


The ELAC shall assist the school in the development of:

  • The school's needs assessment.

  • Ways to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.

More information about ELAC can be found from the CA Department of Education

English Learner Advisory Committee

ELPAC Testing

The ELPAC is the test that is used to measure how well students in kindergarten through twelfth grade understand English when it is not their primary language. The ELPAC is taking the place of the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). Information from the ELPAC helps your child’s teacher provide support in the right areas.

More information about the ELPAC test can be found here

Our ELAC Members

  • Laura Carbajal - Principal

  • Joshua Ducharme - Associate Principal

  • Brianna Muecke - Teacher

  • Lindsay Medlock - Teacher

  • Ashley Boyle - Teacher

  • Alana Cordona - Classified Staff

  • Vero Thomack - Classified Staff

  • Lucy Eaton - Classified Staff

  • Irasema George - Parent

  • Amy Lovejoy - Parent

  • Tessa Trujillo - Parent

  • Lorinne Trujillo - Parent

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