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Dress Code

Hawking Charter School requires that all students wear the school uniform.  A school uniform helps promote pride and professionalism and reminds us all that our primary focus is on academics and culture. The quality of the work that students produce at school is affected by their personal appearance. Students will dress with reasonable standards of cleanliness and modesty. Clothing and hairstyles are to be worn that will not draw the undue attention of peers or be distracting to class instruction.


Uniform Policy


Students will wear school uniform top (Hawking t-shirt, polo or sweatshirt) and khaki or navy bottom.

  • Hawking school shirts ONLY:  Hawking polos or T-shirts ONLY, these must be worn DAILY.

  • Hawking Solid Color Sweaters: Sweaters must be navy blue, red or green with school logo ONLY.  NO designs, stripes, embroidery or other logos are permitted. SOLID COLOR ONLY.

  • Pants: Navy blue or khaki shorts, pants or dresses (skirts or jumpers) are acceptable forms of dress uniforms. No jeans, sweat pants, sports pants or cargo pants allowed.  

  • Skirts and shorts:  Skirts and shorts must be no more than three fingers above the knee in length.  Shorts or leggings must be worn under skirts.

  • Socks and Leggings: Solid colors ONLY. Solid navy blue, black, or white socks or leggings preferred.

  • Hawking School Patches: These can be attached to Navy Blue jackets, Navy Blue sweaters, school shirts with appropriate school colors, and Navy Blue or Khaki jumpers.

  • Footwear: All students MUST wear footwear that covers the whole foot and is not raised from the ground. Unacceptable footwear does not allow students to run in PE, recess, or in cases of emergency.  Sneakers and athletic footwear are the best choices for the nature of our campus. Flip-flops are absolutely unacceptable as well as heels and sandals.

Purchasing Uniforms

Uniforms can be purchased in the front office on Wednesdays after school. CASH ONLY

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