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Parent teacher home visits

Proud to Partner with PTHV

Hawking is proud to partner with Parent Teacher Home Visits-PTHV- whose mission is to advance student success and school improvement by leveraging relationships, research, and a national network of partners to advance evidence-based practices in relational home visits within a comprehensive family engagement strategy. This organization has helped build strong partnerships between home and school for over 25 years.

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Our Vision

Hawking’s vision is excellence. We prepare all students through STEAM Project Based learning to be culturally competent, creative problem solvers, and life long learners inspired to positively impact the world.

Our Mission

Hawking’s mission is to uplift the diverse communities we serve by empowering all children to maximize their potential through opportunities to think, create, innovate, and discover in a safe, academic and inclusive environment.

Our Equity Statement

At Hawking, educational equity means that every adult routinely reflects on their practice to increase academic and social-emotional learning. We pledge to advocate for and connect to each and every one of our students by providing them access to quality and culturally relevant instruction, from a foundation of love.

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