Creating Wave Models
Creating Wave Models

Balloon Powered Rockets
Balloon Powered Rockets

Creating Wave Models
Creating Wave Models

Announcements and Updates

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Hawking STEAM Charter Schools is working closely with Public Health San Diego County, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. The health organizations weighed recommendations for schools very carefully, therefore as a precautionary measure, Hawking STEAM Charter Schools has developed a Remote Learning Plan in the case that the schools must be closed. Please click the button link to access your child’s classroom teacher and digital work that is assigned by your child’s teacher.

Please check out our Distance Learning Website for information, and also resources for parents and students. 

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - 2020/21 El Dorado Charter SELPA Annual Budget & Service Plan

2020/21 El Dorado Charter SELPA Annual Budget & Service Plan - English

2020/21 El Dorado Charter SELPA Annual Budget & Service Plan - Spanish

Our Mission

Hawking STEAM Charter School prepares students for college and career readiness through an integrated Project-based STEAM curriculum that includes social emotional awareness.

Our Vision

Hawking STEAM Charter School’s vision is to ensure that Transitional Kindergarten through grade 12 students are engaged in discovery, exploration, and problem-solving through rigorous Project Based Learning activities, aligned to the Common Core State Standards (“CCSS”) and the Next Generation Science Standards (“NGSS”) that are STEAM-based. We strive to develop our students’ academic, social, and emotional knowledge so they may engage in public discussions, presentations and pursue STEAM-focused careers. 

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